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I took 30 Paracetamols at one go but the next day i had to be treated for Chlamydia, i took the 4 Zithromax, but i am worried.that they didnt work cause of what i took the night before, i was sick before i got treated, and i still treated for Chlamydia now? Help please!


For the treatment of chlamydia only one dose of zithromax is required, only another test can confirm if all the chlamydia has cleared up.  If you have a partner they will also need treatment or even if yours has cleared up when you become sexual with then again, they will just give it back to you.

Taking 30 paracetamol in one go is not recommended, they can cause liver damage, which is often delayed leading to death.  I hope you sought medical attention for a dose this high.  If you have other issues the medical staff would also be able to out you in touch with the correct people.

I hope this helps<3