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In January I was diagnosed with Chlamydia (I got it in October). I gave it to my partner and we both took azithromycin. Something happened during the process and one of us didn't cure the infection and I was diagnosed again in March by my gynecologist. I took the same medicine. Both times I got a yeast infection. I never went back to check if I was relieved of the infection or not.

I have been experiencing slight pains in my abdomen at irregular times recently. Today I found out that I have another yeast infection, right before my period. I was looking at this evaluation

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to make sure it was a yeast infection. I scrolled down to view symptoms of Chlamydia only to find out that I have pretty much all the symptoms. 

Now, I am not sure if I'm getting ahead of myself or if I am making myself believe that it is something worse than it actually is, but when I used the restroom it did burn a little when I peed. 

So, do you think I have Chlamydia or a yest infection?


Hi Guest,

Different medications can be used to treat Chlamydia.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, the preferred meds just do not work.

It's also common for a yeast infection to result when taking an antibiotic, for any reason.  The bacteria, good and bad, in the vagina gets out of "balance."

Go back and get checked.  This is not something you should try to self diagnose.




I think you have suffered chlamydia again. Chlamydia is a disease that can recur easily. You'd better take the medicine that can eradicate this disease. Herbal medicine (f uyanpill) can be a good choice. Though it may work slowly, it can eradicate this disease and doesn't have any side effects. .. I hope it can help you.


Have you got a retest to prove you've got treated completely? It's worth noting that, chlamydia may develop drug resistence to the same antibiotics, therefore it's quite important for you to get a test after your treatment. Besides, during your treatment, you need to follow all instructions given to you by your health care provider or clinic:

Take all your medication -- even if your symptoms go away 

Make sure your sex partner(s) get tested & treated 

You should avoid any sexual contact until 1 week after taking the last dose of treatment. Therefore, you will not run the risk of passing the infection back and forth.

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