Please provide any information relevant to this condition including causes/diagnosis, tests, treatment, and prognosis.
My son is 10 years old and has had chronic inflammation of the waldeyer ring for approximately 1 year. It started with nasal turbinate hypertrophy, and has progressively spread to adenoids, tonsils, and lymph nodes in the past year. He has had allergy testing which turned out negative. He has been to two ENT's who have no significant explanation and don't seemed to be concerned. He has been placed on Antibiotic therapies which also turn out no results.
He has had numerous blood studies including ruling out Epstein Barr Virus, and CBC with Diff to rule out suspicion of leukemia or lymphoma. Only significant findings were elevated lymphocytes-52% of WBC count and minor elevated monocytes. Band neutrophils were below normal. PCP suggests inclusive of viral infection, but doesn't have a specific diagnosis. Please help.

Ms.Whaley, RN