my mother, 81, was diagnosed with chronic lymphatic leukemia, underwent chemo, was in remission, developed shingles, was hospitalized, contracted MRSA in hospital, developed thrombocytapenia (sp) in hospital, developed ARDS - accute respitory distress syndrome, rather than place her on a ventilator, they injected over 2ML of morphine directly into her "pic" line which was inserted into her left ventricle. her heart stopped beating within 15 minutes of this injection and she was dead. cause of death was listed as thrombocytapenia on her certificate, not an overdose of morphine (lethal injection). I consider this to be gross malpractice, do you agree???
Is this type of leukemia hereditary??? Thers is absolutely no history of any type of cancer on either side of my family.
What are my odds of contracting this disease in my senenty's or early eighties??? Am currently 58. Should I go with a 15 year of 30 year mortgage??? or is it gonna really matter????....

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thank you
Mark G. Naedel