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i need help regarding with my problem long time ago ,i'm suffering prostitis,i've been visiting many doctors and different advices,i di al the tests,blood,ultrasound,then i was taken present i dont understand and im wondering i can experience too much pain with burning sensation after ejaculation even i'm taken pain killer but the same.please help me what to do ,one doctor advise me to do the operation,other one it will go just to avoid sex,other one says it will go by taken meds.thank you very much


Hello! You need to realize that chronic prostatitis is a condition that is very hard to diagnose, treat and that hasn’t been explored yet.
The reason doctors have different opinions is that the medical knowledge regarding this condition is not so big.

Chronic prostatitis is usually treated with antibiotics first. The treatment lasts long and doesn’t guarantee any success as most infections reoccur even after along antibiotic treatment. One of the reasons is that antibiotics don’t accumulate in the prostate. Also, it is necessary to treat a partner as well, but many doctors fail to do that.

Surgery is recommended when antibiotics fail but not to young men as there is a potential risk of sterility and impotence. How old are you?
Some doctors recommended a change in diet, avoiding alcohol, coffee, spicy food, soft beverages, etc…

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for your condition. It is good that you asked 2nd opinions but in a condition like this, I guess that’s not much helpful.
I suppose you should find one you think is appropriate and go through the treatment with him/her.