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I’m 27 y old male. I’ve been working in office almost whole my working life. So far I’ve never had any serious health problems. Lately, few colleagues that work with me were diagnosed with prostitis. They to did not experience any medical problem before. Afterwards I heard that prostitis can be related to my way of working… So, I’m wondering what is prostatitis, how can one get infected with it and what are the symptoms. Thanks


It’s called prostatitis and it is an inflammation of the prostate gland. This inflammation can be sudden and acute or chronic. There are many inflammation causes – from infectious ones caused by bacteria, fungus or viruses to those caused by trauma processes (mechanical or chemical). Because of these various causes, prostatitis has been classified to its various types, usually acute infectious prostatitis, chronic infectious prostatitis and noninfectious prostatitis. So, in case of your colleagues, on what you described, it is the most certain that they have noninfectious prostatitis caused by mechanical trauma. This is not unusual disease for office workers. There is wide range of prostatitis symptoms – from no symptoms at all to sudden and severe ones that cause you seek emergency medical care.
Anyway, most common are: fever, chills, frequent urination at night, urinary frequency, difficulty urinating, burning or painful urination, joint or muscle pain, low-back pain, tender or swollen prostate, blood in the urine, painful ejaculation. If you experience any of those, you should check your condition with your dr.