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My 18 yr old son was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. We have been to several urologists and he has been through countless rounds of antibiotics (short and long-term time periods). He is still having symptoms, although they are lessened by avoiding certain foods like wheat and dairy. Are there any treatments we should look into? My daughter, a nursing student, read about antibiotic therapy that is injected directly into the urethra or prostate (which is numbed prior to injection). Can anyone tell me more about this or any other treatment that can give my son some relief. I will mention that before he was diagnosed, he had a case of chlamydia. I don't know if the two are connected, but I've always suspected they are related somehow. I am posting as a guest, but if you can send a copy of your reply to my personal email as well as posting it here, I would be grateful.  I will be anxiously waiting for replies. Thanks!

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Hi MemphisMom,

There is a good chance that the chlamydia infection and the prostatitis are connected.  In some cases there is more than one infection involved, not necessarily another STD, but usually bacterial.

Often the single drug treatment for chlamydia does not work.  Chlamydia has different "phases" and often the single treatment won't eliminate the infection completely, especially once it has spread.  Antibiotic mixtures are recommended.

Antibiotics can be injected via catheter. 

His urologist is the best source for information as they know your son's history.