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my name is ashish and i am 22 years old and a software engineer by profession.Last year i had been diagnosed with acute prostitis and was under a lot of medication(ie antibiotics).Although the terrible burning sensations that i used to get have gone i still suffer from a mild burning sensation every time i urinate.
Is there any way that i can get rid of it... ie without taking antiboitics.....again.... if not please could you suggest some other alternative......
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Hello there! I know how frustrating prostatitis may be and I have to say that I sympathize with you. One never knows what kind of symptoms they may experience and when with prostatitis. I think things are worse with chronic although the symptoms of acute are more severe.

Are you still on the antibiotics? You may want to try raking some vitamin supplememnts like vitamin A,C, and E and zinc picolinate. You can ask about these at any pharmacy. Have you tried taking cranbwerry juice. It may be helpful and you can find in in form of juice or tablets as well. Have you been advised about the hot and cold tubs by your doctor?

Another thing that you may actually like is that it is advised to have frequent ejaculations if you don’t have any problems with performance. Frequent ejaculations make you get rid of the infection from the prostate.


thank you.... for replying back.....and ....the answers to your questions are as follows:
1. I am not taking any antibiotics for the moment
2. I am taking vitamin b-complex capsules everyday as advised by the doctor
3. I have been advised about hot and cold tubs by the doctor...

Never tasted cranberry juice uptill now but will start drinking from today.....
Thank You