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i have chronic prostitits what kind of antibiotics should be taken


As you have probably already noticed it is very hard to find a proper treatment for chronic prostatitis. Antibiotics usually fail because it is hard for them to reach prostate and they don’t accumulate in high concentrations in the prostate.
Drugs that are usually prescribed are doxycycline, erythromycin or ofloxacin. They mey be prescribed along with another kind of drug for example NSAID to help ease the symptoms and inflammation.
Drugs are usually prescribed for a couple of months. Have you already had a treatment? What kind of drugs have you been prescribed?

What seems to be helpful with prostatitis while taking antibiotics are frequent ejaculations, either from masturbation or sexual intercourse or prostate massages if you manage to find someone who would do them to you. This encourages drainage of the prostate and assists clearance of infection.
A patient’s partner sometimes needs to be treated as well. It all depends upon doctor’s point of view and attitude toward the disease. I reckon it would be better to find a doctor who specializes in prostate infections as they usually have more insight in all aspects of the disease and recognize the possibility of STD cause as well as the need of treating the partner.

There are some things you may try to do on your own to help you deal with your numerous troubles regarding prostatitis. Besides ejaculations I have already mentioned, you may take regular hot baths, avoid riding a bicycle and drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry pills.