Went to the dentist yesterday for a replacement filling. Had an injection and Dentist waited 5 minutes and then began drilling . The Drilling was more uncomfortable than ever before as he seemed to touch a nerve several times. He offered to give me another injection but I'm glad now that I didn't accept as the symptoms may have been worse. A few hours later I had an sneezing fit which lasted about 5 minutes and suddenly I had a full blown cold , or at least the symptoms of. Not the worse I've ever had but still uncomfortable with runny nose. Normally my colds build up over a couple of days but this was full blown within minutes . I had a similar treatment a couple of weeks before on the other side and had no problems at all once injection wore off. Weird . I realise from a previous thread that many others have had a similar experience which is reassuring. People also say symptoms last 3 days or so. My treatment was about 30 hours ago so I guess I have to put up with it for another couple of days...I'm grateful for the reassurance . I will ask my dentist about it when I have my next check up in about 8 months.