Hi everyone, how many of you know what Vertigo is? If you are referencing a certain American movie then you might be surprised to discover you could be wrong. I am not a doctor but do suffer from Vertigo. I like many thought it was some kind of condition associated with heights. Quite the contrary it can be very devastating at ground level and hit when you least expect it. The good news is if you know the warning signs you might be able to stop it (not cure it). I must point out that I do not know why mine occurs and I have been putting off consulting a Neurologist. I will get around to it one day. In its mildest form you you might not even know you have it, I didn't, I had very minor dizzy spells if I moved to suddenly for many years then, some while ago it struck me hard. I was sitting at the dinner table one night after picking up a new pair of spectacles from the Optometrist. Unknowingly the Optometrist has messed up the prescription and this was the trigger for my first full blown Vertigo attack. Suddenly my plate in front of me became blurry. I lifted my head and my entire world went out of focus and I became very nauseas. By now I had made my way to the toilet where my bowels then collapsed with Diarrhoea. I then collapsed to the floor, I thought I was dying and my wife called an Ambulance. At no time did I lose consciousness but I was covered in a cold sweat and could not get off the floor or move from laying on my left side. I knew I could not stay here on the toilet floor so I forced myself up on all fours and slowly crawled my way to our bedroom periodically dropping to my left side and waiting for a wave of nausea to pass. I crawled up onto my bed and laid there waiting for the paramedics. Luckily the paramedics had seen this before and advised me I had severe Vertigo. They were very compassionate and reassuring that I would get better but it could take 12+ hours. Before treatment they advised that it was not necessary to go to a hospital but the option was there for me. Instead I agreed to the treatment as there was no way I wanted to move again. After receiving 3 injections, anti nausea, sedative to help me sleep, and Stemetil, I drifted off to sleep waking late the following morning like nothing had happened. Yes, if you have Vertigo it can be treated with a seasickness remedy. Stemetil is a go to medication here in Australia. It is not a cure only a treatment/preventative. We have both tablets and injectables on hand. The tablets are best used prior to a full blown attack. If you get any dizzy spell with a minor loss of vision/orientation this is your warning to take a tablet and sit/lay down and wait for it to take affect (15 - 30 mins). You should be fine to go for now. If you are too late to take the tablet it will depend on the attack severity for your next move. If you don't have the nausea you might be able to swallow the tablet and go to sleep for a while, it will pass. If the attack has the nausea you will not want to take anything by mouth. If you are not vomiting or have diarrhoea you might be lucky enough to get a window that will allow you to swallow the tablet. If everything has gone pear shaped your only option is to call a nurse or doctor to administer the injection. I have posted this in the hope that it will help someone. Sometimes we need reassurance that others know what you are going through. Don't let anyone try to tell you, you are over reacting. There could be worse sufferers than me and we all need to do what works best for ourselves. When all else fails, rest up and pleasant dreams.