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Help!!  I need answers and suggestions for medical care.

I had a cortizone injection on the right side of right foot one inch below little toe.

Had immediate severe pain in head, heart rate dropped, unable to move arms or legs.

Transported via ambulance from dr's office to ER.  Had all signs of stroke, but MRI's and blood work showed no stroke.  EKG abnormal, slurred speech, etc.

Admitted to hospital, after 4 days I could move fingers slightly.  Heart monitoring constantly showed heart rate ranging from 45 to 55.  I was transferred to another facility for inpatient physical and occupational therepy.

Still couldnot move arms and legs.  Lost fine motor skills, lost sensation of bladder and bowel movement.

Spent 2 months as inpatient, 1.5 months in home care and 2 months of out patient physical and ot therepy, 5 days a week. ( Still in pool and occupation therepy)

Neurogolist, neurosurgeon, orthopedic doctors say they do not know what happened after the injection!  That it will take more aggressive therepy-time unknown--to be able to take care of myself.

Before the injection, I was working 55 hours per week, totally independent.

After 5+ months, I can stand about 5 Minutes, getting some movement back in my hands and legs.  Still in terrible pain, weak muscles in right leg, swollen knee, pain in neck, tremors on right hand after putting slight pressure against fingers.

Have any of you had an adverse reaction like this after an injection?

Any suggestions?  Needless to say, this is so overwhelming.



How are you now? Its been a year are you any better? Symptoms subside?