Back in December/early January I was taking a colon cleanse pill. About two weeks after taking it I began having MAJOR mood swings and then my period abruptly STOPPED. I haven't had a natural period since January 29th (I say natural because my doctor recently gave me a pill to enduce a period) and we're now coming up on July. I've also experienced a host of side effects: unnatural weight gain accompanying no major changes in diet, extreme bloating, mood swings, etc. And, to make things more clear: I do NOT eat the typical junk that most people eat. My diet consists of large variety of vegetables, lean meats and seafood, water, tea, and the occasional bean, supplemented with vitamins. I don't drink. I don't use any form of tobacco. I do some sort of workout regiment at least three times a week. More and more I'm beginning to suspect that the colon cleanse pill had something to do with my disappearing menstrual cycle. Am I right to assume that this is the case; that the colon cleanse pill is the cause of my troubles?

My doctor recently put me on birth control and suggested I started taking a probiotic/prebiotic.. Is there more that I could be doing aside from what my doctor has prescribed? I've been going crazy with the research, reading all sorts of nutritional data, I've had NUMEROUS blood tests.. I want to make sure that I'm doing everything to get back on track..

I have never taken something like this before, ever. In fact, I NEVER take anything over the counter, and I NEVER will, ever again.