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hi, i have a question. about a month or so ago me and my husband had unprotected sex, he has ejaculated in me numerous of times, i was taking birth control pills for about 5 months then got off for about two months, well i had a regular period after i first got off then my next period seemed longer and irregular. after that month the month after i'm now 10 days late for my period, i have no sig nin getting it any time soon. but a few weeks ago i was cramping constantly thinking i would get my period i never did, the cramps recently stopped, m y breast seem slightly larger not really sore, i get moody, nausea but never vomiting, and my appetites changed, i've took 2 hpt almost a month ago both negative, im not sure if im pregnant now, ive never been late for a period. because between that time we have had unprotected sex but he used the pull out method.. help!


Well, women who are experiencing pregnancy symptoms but are definitely not pregnant and recently came off the pill can usually attribute their symptoms to coming off the pill. Your hormones need a while to get used to their natural state again after coming off the pill, and it can make your periods irregular, you can experience some mood swings, etc. 

At the same time, it's hard to determine when to take a pregnancy test when you have irregular periods, and all the things you mention do sound like the first signs of pregnancy. I think you should wait a week or so and then test again.