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I am Diabetic and take Lantus Solostar 54 Units once a day. I am also on Cymbalta Tricor, Simvastatin, Lisinopril, 81 mg asprin and Allegra when needed for seasonal allergies. My question is will Acai Berry and ProBiotics Colon Cleanse be safe for me to take to help me loose weight?


Since you are Diabetic it would be wise to consult your doctor about taking one more medication. I am fitness trainer and I can understand that sometimes exercising isn't enough and that some people no matter what they do have serious problems when they are trying to lose some weight. If this is your case than it is fine to try to lose few pounds by taking slimming pills but since you are already taking so many medications just consult the doctor. 

How long do you know about your diabetes? Have you changed your life style drastically when you have found out?

And since my grandfather has diabetes as well I know that he is maintaining his weight by walking every day. He and his best friend are doing this since he had discovered that his a diabetic and it seems it is fine. So maybe you could try something similar if your doctor says no to slimming pills.