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Hello, I'm 14 and have recently become pretty paranoid about this.

I am uncircumsised, and am not able to retract my foreskin very much. I was trying to stretch it while flaccid the other day, and I think the inside/top of it ripped a little bit. It bled a little and hurt when the area was touched. I don't really consider circumsision an option unless it becomes desperate. I don't really have that much money for creams and stuff, and don't go to see a doctor regularly. I'm sure I can set an appointment up, if this is serious, but I'd like to naturally get it to go back.

My question is how to go about stretching the foreskin. Should you do it back, stretching towards the head? Or rather, just general stretching of it...

Is it too late? Do I need circumcision? I haven't had sex yet, but I will be eventually, and don't want there to be pain or problems when I choose to do so.

Thanks, for anyone who can help me with this.


Circumcision should really be the last option. I think that you should make an appointment to see what exactly it is about.
There are two possibilities. One of them is phimosis in which foreskin can’t be pulled back because the opening of the foreskin is too tight and attached to the glans and another one is called frenulum breve in which a stringy tissue that connects your foreskin with the glans is too short and is preventing your forekin from retraction.

Both of these conditions may cause bleeding and pain when ripped, so I would suggest you saw a doc. If this doc suggests circumcision due to phimosis, see another doc and see if stretching would help but like I said you need to realize which of the problems is yours.

Frenulum breve is taken care of in a minor surgical procedure without any risks and you would be fast asleep during frenuloplasty. It is just a minor procedure in which frenulun is being prolonged to allow foreskin retraction.

As for the phimosis, a doc may prescribe you a cream (you may not have to pay for it but even if you did, I don’t think it’s that expensive) and also show you the way how to stretch the opening of the foreskin.

Good luck!


Hi Ashland Beatles:


You are normal for your age. Most guys need to stretch their foreskin a bit to help with retraction.

Get an erection and pull back gently every day until your foreskin feels stretched. Hold it for a time and then bring it forward again.