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im 15 years old. I have noticed that there is a vein/bit of skin attached to my foreskin and the head of my penis. This is stopping me from being able to pull back my foreskin. The problem is not that my foreskin is too tight, it's that the vein is stopping it. What shall I do? I would like to be able t avoid surgery at all possible costs! Thanks 


Hi Stranger,

Look up "frenulum" - google it.  All guys have one, it may be cut if they're circumcised.  There is a procedure called a "frenulectomy" that may  help. 

Basically, it's a minor incision to increase the length.  It is NOT a circumcision.  It's done in the doctor's office under a local anisthetic.  See a Urologist, this is their specialty.

Remember though, at 15 you're still developing.  You may outgrow this.  Worst case, you have sex and it tears.  It'll hurt, there will be some blood, but you'll be OK.

Hope it helps.



That piece of skin at the bottom of the glans is called the frenulum. It is normal and it is supposed to be there. The frenulum serves to limit the rearward travel of the foreskin. The frenulum has a high level of sensation.

If your foreskin bunches up behind the head when you retract you most likely have a short frenulum (frenulum breve). Test it by pulling back on the foreskin. If the head of your penis bends down when you pull back your foreskin, you have frenulum breve.

You can stretch the frenulum manually just like you do your foreskin. That is the best course of action if the frenulum is too short to permit your foreskin to retract. Search the Internet for:

“How to Fix Phimosis and Tight Foreskins, Solutions That Work”

and you will find the information you need.

There also is a minor operation to relieve the frenulum, called frenuloplasty and another called frenectomy. One of these might be necessary, if the stretching does not work. Urologists do this.