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Statistically speaking, what are the odds of becoming pregnancy in the first week following ovulation?


I was wondering that too. Yesterday I ended ovulation (I can tell when it happens every month) and today my boyfriend decided to make a very risky
move. I have two questions:

1) Is it possable that I could become pregnant this early after ovulation?
2) Because my last talk with my byfriend apparently didn't work, how can I be more firm with him without directly accusing him of trying to get me pregnant so I can't go away (joining the Airforce)?

Any ideas?


From the Craig Medical website:

Highly likely - From three days before ovulation to one day after ovulation
Quite likely - Three to four days before ovulation
Likely - Five days before ovulation, or one to two days after ovulation
Not likely - More than five days before ovulation, or more than two days after ovulation

Now, this will sound a bit odd, but in addition to the "normal" fertile times in a woman's cycle, there is also the Jonas Conception theory that basically states that a woman is also fertile during the moon phase of their birth, even if they are on their period. I am not sure if I believe this, but some do, and it does seem to provide some explanation for women that get pregnant during other times in their cycle that they did not think that they were fertile.