Im a 22yr old male. I got into a fight on 1/1/2010 and was really drunk. Sadly it's bad way to start off the new year. I got punched resulting in a black eye. I also hit the concrete on my the right side of my head resulting in bump and also received a bump on the back left of my head as well. There was blood in my eye but not a whole lot in regards to a serious injury I believe. I know I have symptoms of a concussion. The symptoms are dizzyness; when im lying down mostly or all the time; sometimes unbalance when standing up to fast, and I had ringing in my ears. Their starting to come less frequently, especially the ringing of the ear. The black eye is almost completely gone but there's still a tad bit of blood left in my eye. The two bumps on my head are gone, however I still have my paranoia bothering me. My paranoia is about brain injury, blood clots, tumors in the long run down the line, detached retina, bleeding internally, brain damage, or a cracked skull. It is now 1/18/2010 and I still feel a little disorientated. Here's another thing that would not benefit me at all. After graduating college and paying bills for it, I still have no career job or health insurance. I'm planning on going to grad school to get the health care and a master's degree in the fall. Can I have some advice, words of wisdom, or diagnosis that I might be able to benefit from?

Thank you