A little over a month ago I slipped on a wet floor at work, fell, and bounced the back of my head off the floor. Ended up at the ER, severe dizziness, nausea, disorientation, horrible sensitivity to movement (car rides were awful)/light/noise, headaches, etc. CT and xray were negative, diagnosed with a concussion and put on pain meds and antivert for the vertigo and told to follow up. Still had issues a week later so went to PCP who put me on bed rest and added some nausea meds. A week later it was better enough to return to work, but I only lasted 5 semi-miserable days before I had an episode (severe increased in all above mentioned symptoms, basically couldn't function or speak or walk, plus bad shaking in my right hand and head) and went back to the PCP.

PCP referred me to a neurologist who put me on migraine meds, depakote, zoloft and continued the antivert. Also did another CT which was again negative. I felt enormously better within 24 hours of starting all the meds - better than I felt since the accident - but a week later started having some episodes of dizziness and have had a severe headache again that doesnt respond to meds (including the advil I threw in), caffeine, chugging water, etc. I have also noticed that my right pupil is slightly larger than the left, which none of the doctors have mentioned but my roommate noticed it too.

BC this is workers comp and everything is a mess, I'm waiting in line for treatment, and have an MRI and EEG that are supposed to be scheduled, but still waiting. Anybody have any ideas? I'm aware of Post Concussion Syndrome and the Dr has considered that, but no one seems to be able to tell me whether it should last this long or be this severe. I can't drive, work, sleep, function like a normal human. Boo. :) Also, what would an MRI show that a CT wouldn't?

Thank you so much all for any suggestions/input.