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My 13-year old son got a concussion almost 3 months ago. Thank G-d, he was seen last week by a doctor in the sports concussion clinic and was diagnosed with post concussion disorder. We understand that BRAIN REST is the treatment - we met with his school and have shortened his day, decreased the expectations on him. In the last week, he has had 3 episodes of agitation at night - he is unconsoleable, thrashes around on the floor, moans, cries - this can go on for more than an hour. We are extremely concerned - would be very grateful to hear from anyone with any expertise and/or other parents who have struggled with this.

Thank you.


it is a common side effect of pcs, but will improve as time passes. On the bright side pcs does not continue past 18months at the very most, but most people recover within approx 6. Hope he contimues to recover quickly, it sounds like you are doing everything right so far.