I was just curious as to how many symptoms of a concussion you must experience for it to be classified as one? I suffered an incredibly mild hit to the head a fair while ago; there was no dilation of pupils, no blurred vision or ringing ears, no loss of conciousness for a period of time or any apparent complications during impact. (Other than a little dizziness and disorientation immediately after the hit.) However, I believe a day or so following the incident, I began to suffer deliberating headaches, a numb temple, nausea and loss of concentration. This is still persisting three months later. Do you believe I have suffered a mild head injury or are my symptoms merely the result of accumulated stress? (Anxiety stemming from the injury.) Please assist me- a constant daily headache for three months is developing into a string of suicidal and obsessional thoughts. Your insight and advice is greatly appreciated. Thankyou