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I'm sixteen years old and recieved what i thought to be a sinus infection a couple days ago. I started having a very itchy throat for two days and it gradually grew into my nose becoming very stuffy and my throat was just sore, so i diagnosed it was the occasional sinus infection i commonly get. The first two days were the occasional stuffy nose, earache, and sore throat. But i've been experiencing symptoms ive never had. On the third night i had such bad drainage going in the back of my throat and ended up throwing up because of it, that's something that's never happened. But i drank some Sprite and i was fine. The tons of mucus i would blow out my nose in the morning was all green green and green, tons of it. I started getting a cough the other day, and it's progressed and gotten worse. My cough is really nasty and makes my throat even more sore, and allows me to cough up anything nasty that was left behind. I again was feeling the nausea about two nights ago but didn't throw up. Last night i attempted to use a breathing strip on my nose so i wouldn't have to worry about breathing through my mouth all night so i wouldn't be coughing constantly. It worked, allowing me to fall asleep with a clear nose, but halfway through the night i was forced to take it off due to an intense burning sensation inside my nose, and went to bed stuffy. I woke up, and was shocked to hear my breathing so shallow and, choked up. I was short of breath. I did my usual bathroom run to rid of all the nastiness, blew my nose and surprisingly coughed up some unusual new mucus. It was a very dark green, almost like a odd Shrek color. But came in huge chunks, and even had a new texture to it, almost like it was chunky and had little tints of blood. (Sorry for the explanation of that, just trying to find answers.) I decided to take a peek at the back of my throat and i don't know if any of this is normal or part of my illness, but my tonsils seemed fine, just looked irritated and had some bumps on them with a yellow tint. But beside them were white patches i was unfamiliar of. The back of my throat had bumps, and was a yellowish color as well, and slightly red. My temperature is around normal. (98.8) As i sit here, my nose is still a tad stuffy but more runny than it has been the past couple of days. My cough is more constant and worse, with a sore throat. I am coughing up tiny amounts of mucus. And i am starting to get a little pain in my chest. I am more worse in the morning and at night. During the day my symptoms aren't so bad. (We'll see what today brings.) I have been taking Tylenol Multi-Symptom SEVERE for almost a week and it hasn't done much for me. I need some answers since i can't get into a doctor. Normally i would've gotten antibiodics by now and i'd be good, but due to recent events of me getting a concussion it's not an option right now. Anyone who may have an idea to what this is please help!!


(Additional info: Got a 2nd grade concussion about a month ago. Been home from school ever since. Still experiencing symptoms. No worries, seeing a neurologist on Thursday to officially diagnose me and determine if i am safe to go back to normal routines.)


I know this post is 2 years old but did you ever find out what the problem was? I have the same symptoms now (minus the concussion) and was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in my throat and sinuses..but now it feels like whatever it is is travelling to my chest, so...? =/