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My last period was February 27th & ended March 4th. I have a 28 day cycle. I had protected sex today & when we finished we noticed the condom broke ! He cummed twice in the condom. Which means it went in me... Is there a possibility I could get pregnant because of this ?!


You usually ovulate 14 days after your first day of your period. But anything can happen. If the cum went inside you when the condom broke there is a chance you could be pregnant. The only thing you can do now is wait. I know waiting is the hardest part but you have to wait till you get your next period and see if it comes. Usually you can wait 14 days after the condom broke and take the test and see if you are pregnant. because it usually takes 14 days to concieve. Also watch if you start spotting within 14 days or after that. But there is a risk you could be pregnant. You just got to wait and see.