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i need help. i am late for my period, and my boyfriend and i had sex the day my period ended on february 22nd. we had sex, he pullled out and orgasmed. we had sex again about 40 minutes later, the condom broke.  i also have to mention we broke up on march 6th so ive been a bit emotional and stressed about that.
1) what is the chance i can be pregnant?
2) im only 16, my parents cant find out if i need to go to a clinic and get an abortion. i also dont have the money. there is no way i can keep this child if i am pregnant.
3) should i take some home pregnancy tests?
4) is it likely to get pregnant from my situation?
5) im really worried because i havent been late for a year.
6) is there anything else you should recomend me doing?

please help me. 


Hi New,

You're not "that" late.  Assuming your last period started around 2/16, it's only been 30 days.  Average is 28.  When did you expect your period?

1.  If the condom broke then yes, there is a chance of pregnancy.  Again, it is also possible you're just late. 

2.  Don't worry or even think about needing an abortion yet.  There are also other options, IF THE TIME COMES.

3.  Get a home pregnancy test.  When you test, you want to do it first thing in the morning with your very first urine.  Why?  Because it is more concentrated, dark.  It will give you the most accurate, and earliest, result.  Later in the day, after you've had something to drink your urine is less concentrated and the test is NOT AS ACCURATE. 

4.  It's possible.  It depends when you ovulate.  Most women ovulate somewhere between days 11-16 of their cycle.  Day 1 is when your period starts.  You probably had sex around day 6 or 7.  His sperm can live about 5 days.

5.  Being late happens.  Stress, and your are under some, can make you late.

6.  Wait another week.  If you test and it's negative and still no period in a week or 10 days, retest.  If after that, still nothing and negative, see your doctor.

Hope it helps.