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I just got a prescription from my doctor today for yaz birth control. I decided since i have been sexually active i should get on some kind of pill to help protect me.

The thing is i have been with the same guy for about a year and a half and we are pretty serious about getting married, so i am not worried about getting std's or anything but we are not ready to have a kid.

I know that the pill is over 99% effective and does not protect against std's, but is it necessary to use a condom or to pull out if std's are not an issue?


It does give added protection to use a condom as well. It just depends on how comfortable you are using just the pill. For a while when I started the pill I would still use condoms, now I rarely use them. Mainly only to prevent mess- or for ribs or something special. It's really up to you. 99% is great protection so you should still be awesome-ly protected with just the pill. The condom is just nice backup to have.