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A week ago today my girlfriend and I had sex. I got some precum and I think I accidentally got some on my finger before opening the condom. I then may have gotten some on the tip of it. Once I put the condom on I rubbed the end until it was dry, then wiped it again with spit until dry just to be sure. I even had her put her mouth over it just to be sure.

Later the condom slipped about halfway off, and we stopped there. I had not ejaculated at any point during the sex, though I had the previous night. The condom itself was a Trojan-Enz, meaning it had a spermicidal lubricant.

She's been on Yaz for the past 3 months, taking it regularly with regular periods.
I just want to know some outside opinions. I've heard that Yaz is 99.9% effective, but even so I've heard stories of people getting pregnant while on the pill. Then again, people have said that you can use the pill as the only method of protection to prevent pregnancy.

I just want to hear what others think. What are the chances?


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