So i've been sick for about 3 weeks now, last week i was on vacation and couldn't even get out of bed i was so exhausted. My symptoms are: fatigue, stomach pain (which i usually have but its worse now), piercing headaches, low-grade fevers (and i NEVER show a fever when i'm sick), shortness of breath and wheezing (getting tested for asthma next week) and dizziness everytime i get out of bed.

Went to the doctor a couple days ago and had blood work done. mono- negative, anemia - negative, B12 - fine, lupus - negative.

Meds i'm currently on... prozac for stress, protonix for acid reflux, seasonique for birth control, miralax for stomach issues.

Doctors think its a virus, parents think its stress (which i know it isn't), i'm just sick of being exhausted all the time! i'm a 19 year old female, and i'm ready to have my energy back. :-(

If there is anything you can think of for me to get tested for or anyway to feel better ... tell me please :-)

Thank you for any help in advance!