Okay so! For a little while now I've been getting headaches all day every day? It all started off with random sharp pains in my head, I then began to pee a little bit of blood (I don't get periods due to having the contraceptive implant, so not related to periods.), and it would hurt quit bad when I pee. I AM sexually active but have only ever been with my boyfriend, who was also a virgin when we started having sex. The pain when I pee and blood have stopped now but now I'm just left with constant headaches and find myself taking 4-6 paracetamols a day. I've tried drinking more water and being more active. I do have quite sensitive eyes and its quite bright here in England right now. But the headaches are always here no matter the weather and how bright it is outside?? Obviously Google have told me I have a brain tumour and will have 12-18 months to live (classic). What's you opinion?? Too scared to go to the doctors because I do have quite bad anxiety and my doctors are absolutely useless anyway.