Hello I was/am desperate for help for I have been feeling lightheaded/off balance symptoms that have been consistent since Sept of 2012 until now. They seem to have gotten worse these past couple weeks. I have fallen into a depression and I'm not getting answer from my primary physician or a few (about 5) cardiologist I have been seen by. I insist it's related to my heart since I started feeling these symptoms after a had heart arrhythmia occur during my baseball game. My cardiologist are almost sure it's not related to my heart but have not ruled it out. When I'm laying down it's not as obvious but I know it's there. When I'm in a sitting poison then it becomes obvious. When I stand it starts to get worse. When I begin to walk it is at it's worse stage and I begin to feel VERY off balance and I begin to get really bad anxiety cause I'm afraid I'm going to stumble or collapse. I have done numerous test MRI and cat scan of my brain (normal) blood work (normal) ekg (normal) holter monitor (normal) treadmill test (normal) I am so desperate for answers/help that I am reaching out to anyone that could help. I have lived a drug free life for 35 years (my age) and have never done anything to put my health in danger which makes it even more depressing. It's not how I want to live because my condition seems to get worse. I work 5 days 8 hour shifts but it seems like I'm working 12 hours cause my days seem so long. I count the minutes till I'm off so I could rush to get home and lay in bed. On my days off (weekends) I'm in my room laying in bed cause I dread the feeling of having to stand/walk and feeling this ALL the time! I can't even say some days are better than others cause this has been consistent for over a year. PLEASE, PLEASE help:/