Hi all,

For the past couple of days I have been constantly feeling lightheaded. Not bad enough to get actually dizzy and movement impaired, but it is annoying. Worse, my throat sometimes feels like it's tightening and I have have a bit of prickling pain every now and then on it as well.This comes as a follow up to palpitations and chest pain events that I had for the past 2-3 weeks. The palpitations have been diagnosed as extrasystoles at an ER and have since almost subsided. The chest pains are very short and stabbing and usually in the middle of the chest, center sternum, usually a bit to the right or left of the bone. It is not radiating but seems to be both totally random and position dependent - I usually avoid sleeping on my side as this seems to trigger discomfort. My blood pressure, which I control at home, varies a bit from 115/75 to 135/85 when I'm feeling worse (both arms).

I did several EKGs in the meantime, which came out normal. Auscultation of heart and neck also normal at the cardiologist. I did an echocardiogram which didn't detect any abnormality in my heart functions although I have a slightly larger than normal left ventricle (~58mm). I am currently waiting on results from my Holter.

Previously the doctor thought I had a sort of reflux so I've been taking a mild proton pump inhibitor that I have discontinued 2 days ago. I also quit coffee since I started having palpitations (2-3 weeks ago). I don't smoke nor drink and don't exercise much either. I am an otherwise healthy 31 year-old male with 1m77 and 69kg.

Could this be an arterial clogging? Wouldn't it show as extra exertion on my heart or impairment of heart function? If it was something on my carotids, wouldn't I have headaches? I welcome any suggestions that I can bring to my GP on Monday since I want to do all tests I can possibly think of.