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Ever since i found out i was pregnant at the beginning of December i started to feel a bit spaced out, it felt like i was extremely high.It would come and go, along with some headaches every couple of days, which with a little tylenol would be gone.This went away after a few weeks, and then a week later i miscarried. I did not feel spaced out, or have the headaches again until about a week ago, and now they are back. The spaced out feeling is now 24/7 from when i wake up to when i go to bed, and the last few days the headaches have been pretty bad. It feels like pressure at my temples, and as if my head is in a vice. I figured this may of been related to migraines or something, so i took some excedrin that got rid of the headache for a few hours, but the spaced out feeling remained. I went to a doctor today and explained everything, and he told me it was tension headaches. I explained i did not think this was the case, as i could not see headaches causing me to feel this spaced out 24/7. He gave me some meds to take for tension headaches, which again gets rid of the headaches, but not the spaced out feeling. Other symptoms i have had are: Extreme sensitivity to light, which makes the high feeling much worse, and any activity which requires lots of concentration,i.e. driving, working on the computer. I have a pressure feeling when i close my eyes, and often at night when i go to bed my head pressure is at its worse, and i feel like my head is going to explode from the pressure! I have also have extreme fatigue, especially if i have had to concentrate on something, and when i do go to bed, i sleep a lot longer than i do generally. I have eye floaters sometimes, neck and shoulder pain, and slight itching in ears, and a slightly sore throat. I read someone else who had all these symptoms and said they got diagnosed with a sinus infection, so i took some sinus stuff as i thought maybe the itchy ears and throat was a sinus issue, but it did not get rid of the spaced out feeling or headaches. The feeling is as if you are aware it is reality, but it feels almost dreamlike, and perception does not seem normal. I also have noticed i have been a little forgetful/and slower in my responses. Also, any activity involving sudden movements makes me feel extremely dizzy. I do not feel off balance though. I can still walk perfectly normal and i am aware of where i am going. I would also like to add that i have never suffered with depression. I do stress out a lot, but i do not think my symptoms are related to stress/anxiety/depression. Granted, my miscarriage really broke my heart, but these symptoms started when i was pregnant, and i have never once experienced this before. I could be wrong, but i am pretty sure if this was related to any kind of stress etc i would of felt this before, and would not feel spaced out as bad as i do. Any ideas what this might be? It is really ruining my life, and i just want to feel normal again


I would go to a different doctor and get a second opinion.  If this is something that is affecting your quality of life (which it sounds like it is), then you should seek a second opinion.  You really need to see a neurologist, from the symptoms you present.  You shouldn't feel 'spacey' or have such sensitivity to light without something going on.  It would be good to get a MRI and if something is going on, it will show up there.  I hope there isn't but it would be nice to know what is causing your misery and be able to treat it. Let us know how it goes and what the doctors find out!