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I don't know if any other man has experienced this, what I think is a phenominon, when I ejaculate the seminal fluid is comprised of two elements. 1-cloudy liquid (Seminal fluid) and 2-congelled fluid (don't know what it is).

The congelled fluid upon closer examination is combined with the regular seminal fluid and is compressed into "lumps" which exit through the urinary tract. Of course, the expulsion of these "lumps" are very pleasurable up and to the point where its "relief", almost painful towards the end of the orgasmic cycle.

I have examined the lumps under a light and have seen that they can be expanded to what looks like a string of coagulated ("semen"?).
It is clear in appearance with a almost yellow hue to it and is "stretchable".

The only reasoning I could figure out was it was old semen surrounding the vascular expulsion tube where the urinary tract joins and during ejaculation it, in effect, cleans itself out.

This has been going on since 27. I'm 48 now and it hasn't worsened or diminished. No STD's and I haven't spoken to a physician about it and not sure if I need to. I don't have any known issues or complications with urinating, even after ejaculating.

I would appreciate any confirmation or information as to the normalcy of this issue or if I might need to contact a specialist.

Thank You in advance for your help.


It is actually comprised of multiple elements.  While the sperm travel between the epididymis, vas deferens, and the urethra it is combined with enzymes and secretions of the cowpers gland, prostate gland, and bulb cells to name a few.  They add up to make semen. The less viscus material surrounding the, as you say "lumps", are the glandular secretions which serve vital purposes for the sperm to survive the long dangerous journey towards the female ovum. hope this helps.