Four patients had to be rushed to hospital after receiving cosmetic injections in the face. The reason of the negative reactions was lethal doses of an unlicensed cosmetic product.

The injections the patients received contained botulism toxin A, in 40 times greater dose than the lethal dose for humans. Botox that had been approved and used for smoothening out facial wrinkles is a weakened form of the same toxin.

Botulism toxin A was meant to be used for research purposes only and the doctor who used them deserved himself 3 years time of imprisonment.

Patients who received the shots needed to be taken to the hospital urgently as they suffered from botulism, paralyses caused by excessive bacterium Clostridium botulinum toxins. It is only early intervention that saved the patients’ lives who received anti toxins.

If prompt actions hadn’t been taken, the doctor could have been facing murder charges because if the condition is not treated early, the toxin could paralyze the airways and lead to death.

The investigation lasted two years and was done by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control that determined that negative effects of the injections were lethally severe and long-lasting.