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People don’t want to pass on, they don’t want to age and more and more lately men and women alike do not want those wrinkles that betray our age.
For time and memorial people have wanted to live forever. People have tried potions, lotions and every trick in the trade and then some.
So now due to the great demand for it we enter the age of Botox, Botox Parties, surgery and putting ourselves through insurmountable pain in a quest to hold onto the eternal spring of youth. We are bombarded by the media all the time telling how we “should” look and then how we can achieve that look.
Botox gets rid of those unwanted lines and people love it, some just can’t get enough. At what cost and surely there are safer options out there?
Yes Botox is the safer, cheaper and less painful option (with no needed recovery time) to surgery, but what is Botox and what exactly is a person injecting in their face when they “treat themselves” to Botox?
Botox is a natural purified protein which is a POISON produced by the Clostridium Botulinum bacterium, type A. The bacterium causes botulism which is a form of food poisoning. It works by relaxing the facial muscles by blocking the nerve impulses, smoothing the look of the skin. The toxin is what paralyses the injected muscle. When done excessively it can leave your face looking paralyzed as it inhibits the movement.
So now we know how it works, what about the side effects? Well some are minor yet annoying as they take away from ones appearance, which I’m sure you would agree is ironic as Botox is invariably used to improve ones appearance.
Some people have reported a weakness in their muscles leading to droopy eyebrows and or eyelids. Patients have complained about eye irritations, dry eyes and light sensitivity.  Others have complained of headaches and a painful feeling as well as bruising and lumping (again defeating the original purpose of Botox) in their face. More common complaints have been that of nausea, upper respiratory infection, speech disorders, fevers, neck and back pain and some have had all the symptoms of flu. Some have suffered with skin rashes while others have had anxiety attacks.
Botox is not suited for people who are pregnant, are breast feeding or who suffer with any type of neuromuscular disorders as cardiovascular complications may arise. Likewise those who already have cardiovascular problems should consult their doctor first.
There are medical reasons which Botox is necessary for. There have been studies that have proved that Botox has been rather effective in treating patients suffering from Cerebral Palsy, controlling muscle stiffness allowing then to have smoother control of their muscles and movement. It was originally approved to treat two eye muscle disorders, Blepharospasm and Strabismus and subsequent to that it was approved for treating Cervical Dystonia.
All that said the thought of paying someone to inject toxins into my face does not thrill me. Then of course there are the repeat visits as Botox only lasts 3– 4 months and then it looses its affect. Botox has been labeled has being the most poisonous occurring substance in the world, and even though the amounts used are so minute that it is said to be relatively harmless, I’d rather not take my chances.
If you still ready and willing rather go to a reputable doctor as too many people are flocking to these Botox parties and are ending up all the more worse for it. Alcohol makes a person bleed more, needles aren’t always properly sterilized, the environment is certainly not sterile, people aren’t always trained to do this and so you have people being injected in the wrong areas. Remember at the end of the day, they are sticking needles in your face so make sure it is a qualified Doctor that administers the injection to you.
For reasons cited above Botox would never be my first choice but it has continued to grow in popularity as men and women alike try to grab onto a answer, any answer that will bring them closer to eternal youth.