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Im 17i and have been taking birth control for a while now. My periods shrunk down to about 2 or 3 days. I accidently took my pill Saturday instead of Sunday after my period week and then i dropped a pill and lost it. Also i was on amoxicillin and other antibiotics. My boyfriend and i had sex, i started my period so i thought i was in the clear but it was normal flow but only lasted a single day. Should i take a test or just let it go. Mind you im 17 and its not easy to get a pregnancy test without everything blowing up to my parents


Sounds as though you are stressing out nikki! Chances are you are worried for no reason, wait until you are due for your next period or ask an adult or friend who you trust to get a test for you. although you are young, these things happen and if your test comes back positive your family will in due time come to terms with the news.

Good luck