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My name is Megan and I am 22, almost 23. I just got off my period last thursday/friday. I had sex on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday more than once per day (we are trying for a baby). Today which is 6-7 days after my period (2 weeks til my next one) I noticed brown discharge on my underwear and it was also a little tiny bit when I wiped, but it only lasted for a few hours..I am also feeling slight cramping..could that be implantation?

Also, I read today that it is either implantation or it could be a sign of fertility. Either way, I had sex again tonight..I just want to know what anyone thinks? I was going to wait til a missed period before I took a test, but I was told I could take one earlier than that.

If you want you could e-mail me on your concerns or add me to MSN Messenger. My e-mail is _[removed]_. Thanks.



If it is two weeks until your next period, then you are probably ovulating around now. Slight cramping is common around ovulation. From the dates it is more likely that this is what is happening. You can take some HPTs a few days before your period is due, but if they are negative you need to retake them if your period is late as it is possible there isn't enough hormone to detect when using them that early.