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I was supposed to start my birth control pills on Sunday (first Sunday after my period), but I forgot so i took two pills on Monday. Thursday morning my husband and I had sex and he ejaculated inside of me. I know its very early to feel symptoms, however I woke up today feeling a little sick to my stomach. Is it possible that I am pregnant? Also my son is 5 months old is it too soon to get pregnant (any health risks)??


Because you took 2 pills on monday you did the right thing! BUT I cannot say for 100% that you are perfectly protected, because you are supposed to wait 7 DAYS until you have unprotected sex! WHEN you start PILLS ON your period you are protected immediately, you were not since you started the week after.

There are no health risks to having a baby so early, except are you ready to CARE for BOTH equally at this point...

No matter what happens you do have options.