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I'm stupid for this. Ok me and my boyfriend always have protected sex with a condom. But tonight we had unprotected sex for the first time. It wasn't long, it was for like 3 minutes. But I kept taking his penis out and wiping away the precum cause I was scared. He went back in me for like 15 seconds and he took his penis out and then at least 5 seconds later he jizzed away from me. He made sure he didn't **** in me. He came pretty quick. The last time he ejaculated was around 7-8 pm Tuesday. He has peed like 5 times since then. when we had the unprotected sex it was around 11:30-12 Wednesday and early Thursday. Pretty much an hour ago.I am suppose to start my period anytime now but it's always a little like, like 1-2 weeks late. If it doesn't start soon I'll start to worry. I'm already worried enough. Could he still have sperm in his urethra? Could I have gotten pregnant?


When your boyfriend pees, whatever sperm is there is destroyed by the unrine. But yes you could get pregnant from precum? If you're not ready for a baby right now, it's best to get the morning after pill to be on the safe side. that will start your period right away and will wash anything (if there's anything) out. "Pulling out" method is not the best at all in preventing pregnancy, men precum a great deal during sex.