i've been fooling around with my boyfriend these days and i've just missed my period.i'm really worried :( 

so this is what happened: 

we both were all dressed up and he decided to touch me down there with my underwear on. his finger didnt go into my vagina, though. i always wear kind of silky panties.. so while he was touching me i guess he got excited and came. every time he came he went to wash his hands, and i'm not sure if his hands were dry but that's what he's been telling me. i'm not sure if his hands were dry before he went to wash them but i want to believe they were.. this kind of thing happened several times, and i'm really worried if i was ovulating at any of the times.. my period is irregular.

 so my questions are..

supposing that i was ovulating, is there any chance that i am pregant? and is it possible that..if there was any semen on his hands, any sperm cell went through the underwear..coz my underwear was silky...? he's told me that his hands were dry every time he touched me there, though. please help me :((


Could i be pregnant?