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Hi !
Last month I suspected being pregnant but I got my period so obvously thought it was a false alarm .
But the cramps I get when I have my period never went away and I have very sore , swollen and tender breasts .
Im tired all the time and my temper goes up and down .... one minute im super happy and laughing , next minute im either crying or yelling at my boyfriend .
My abdomen feels swollen and I eat alot more than I usually do .
The other day I noticed tiny blue vains on my thighs and on the side of my belly , and large vains on my breasts .
Could I be pregnant ?

Please help


There is always a possibility of being pregnant if your having sex. With my pregnancy I slept alot like id fall asleep just watching tv. I couldnt stay awake if my life depended on it. I didnt feel sick but i do remember cramps real bad in the beggining. I found out I was pregnant about 8 weeks along. I do remember the cramping though. Best thing for you to do is go get a test and take it. If there is even a faint line then ur pregnant. CONGRATS IF YOU ARE!


Hi ! And thanks for answering ! =)

I did buy 2 pregnancy tests a while ago , but they both come out negative ....

Im gonna wait awhile and buy another one =)

Thanks for your help ! <3