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hello, im really stressing over whether i am pregnant or not. I don't think so but the more i read the more it stresses me out and scares me. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend last monday and then again on either wed. or thurs. he did not ejaculate, he took it out way before he even felt like an orgasm. i was supposed to start my period on tues the 10th so basically a week later. and im always irregular and last month i was 6 days late and i have been known to be later.

I have been having period like cramps since tuesday but nothing severe feeling. and it usually comes and goes during the day. I usually get headaches before and sometimes during my period and i got those the past two days but nothing motrin doesnt help. yesterday i had issues with being really wet with white slimly discharge. i have had a little today but it seems like thats stopping. I have read where breasts feel sore, and uncomfortable and whatnot, but mine just feels a bit uncomfortable if you push with a good amount of force. (but i have never had much issues with this during my period anyways just a little bit of uncomfortableness). my legs have been aching pretty bad but i usually get that with my period. i also have been bloated since tuesday or possibly before. I have had an increase in appetite which i find not to be a symptom and i am in no way nauseous or want to eat only certain foods. i do, maybe once a day or less, get uncomfortable stomach/ stomach aches but i am not nauseous. and sometimes my stomach feels nasty before my period also. I do feel tired but i have tried to get more sleep and it has seemed to help so i dont know if thats part of this.

I know 2 days late is normal for me but still with each day it not coming is really stressing me out and is probably going to make me more late. so could i possibly be pregnant with these symptoms?

thanks so much.

i also dont have that sudden urge to go to the bathroom.


You sound old enough to know that anytime one has unprotected sex the chance of getting pregnant is always there, but with your description and the time frame, i'm leaning towards you not being pregnant.
Stress can take a hugh toll on our female bodies and minds, it can cause us to play some awful mind games with ourselves which can lead into making us sick, physically and mentally. It can also make us imagine things that aren't there. Some of the symptoms that you describe could be classic period symptoms, but i think your ampin yourself up to the point where you are now lookin for symptoms. For example you say your breasts will hurt if you push on them with a good amount of force!! Well so do mine and i'm certainly not pregnant. Sore legs and a bloated tummy were some period clues for me every single month. You describe a symptom that sounds like a possible pregnant sign, then you counter it with another explanation, you really need to calm down for a minute. You say your periods are irratic, so because of this off cycle it would make it difficult for you to pin point when you ovulate.

Your best bet right now is for you to just wait it out for a little longer, then take a deep breath and take a home pregnancy test. It's either going to say "negative" or "positive"i'm not tryin to be a smart a** here, but it's goin to be either one. But for now try to focus on something else and maybe by you takin a chill, you can help yourself relax enough to bring on your period.

In the event that your all good, may i suggest that you look into some birth control? It's so drainin to have to go thru this all the time, especially when someone is easily stressed like you sound to be.