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Hi, my last period was between 18th - 22nd of feb, my average cycle is 20-22 days so i should be due around the 13th-ish. Ive had a healthy sex life with my boyfriend of four years and lately withing the past week have been experiencing some odd things.
1. My breasts are tender, my right breast is larger than the left but they are still tender, the nipples are larger than normal, yet change colour frequently, this is also affecting my armpits, the glands are also swollen there. Also my neck at the base (joining to shoulders) is abit tender too

2. on sunday 2nd march, i was experiencing extreme brusing sharp pains in my stomach, it was going on in the night before and stopped by the 3rd, but i still have an abnormal uncomfortable light cramp, which doesnt affect how i work etc, i can just feel a slight cramp.

3. Im constantly dizzy, i did have an accident at work that caused most of the dizzyness i experience, but sometimes it can be more extreme than ever, even if im sitting down

4. I pee alot, but i have a weak bladder anyway, its hard to tell. My bowel movements change themselves daily, somedays im constipated, somedays complete opposite, and sometimes i can go without

5. im constantly tired, i work afternoon shifts, so the mornings are free, but im finding myself going to sleep around 11-12 at night, and sleeping through till 9-10.30am and still feeling tired, most people say ive overslept, im a big sleeper and weekends i normally sleep in, when i do, i rarely feel tired, but lately, im terrible i just constantly want to laze about and do nothing!.

Would just like some advice, been as descriptive as i can, hope you all can help, thanks!




I read the FAQ before i posted but i was still left unsure, is it too early for me to take a test? i mean by what ive read im guess that i have to wait for my due period date to come along, but its two weeks away, whilst at work ive had weird cramping and felt angry one second, tearful the next, im at loss.