I had my period may 14th and have had sex every other day with my partner. For the past 10 days ive noticed, dizzy spells when i stand up. Bloating. My nipples are sore and now my breast have gotten fuller and hurt to touch, i dont even want to wear a bra. I can smell EVERYTHING. I do not have any cravings. I am urinating more and past couple days ive been more tired than usual. Ive had slight cramping which my pms cramps usually have me in a ball crying, these have been very bearable. Im also v constipated, i have a very regular poop schedule lately i can sit on toilet for hours and still nothing. Is it possible im pregnant? If so, id only be a lil over 3 weeks. Expecting my period June 10th. Also past 3 days ive woke up with a sore throat and runny nose that goes away by 11am then shows back up next morning when i wake up. Ive been ttc for a year now. Could this be it??