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I'm 22 and have been having a strange feeling in my stomach the past couple days. My period is due in a little over a week and sometimes I'll get PMS symptoms this early but they usually consist of sore breasts. My lower abdomen has been having pains pretty unlike cramps. I've also been somewhat constipated (normal for me sometimes) the last couple days but gaseous so I thought maybe it was just from that. And my stomach is gargling but the pain spreads down lower than the stomach area too. Along with this stomach pain, I'm also somewhat lightheaded. Not really tired though. I'm on the pill so I don't think I'm pregnant.

Just a stomach bug maybe?


Hi there

If you are constipated, it could cause lot of gas buildup and problems. Suggest you take a laxative, eat more of fibrous diet, drink lots of water. If you have severe constipation, suggest you take an anema to remove impacted material in bowels.

Once your bowels stabilize, I am sure rest will stabilize too. Good luck