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Hey, I'm 15 years old. My Last period ended on January 7th. I then losst my virginity to my boyfriend on the 10th... It was unprotected, and he came inside of me, twice. It has been exactly 4 weeks since my last period, and i haven't got it yet, i am suppose to get it today. Since Jan 17th, I've had really bad cramps, and some bleeding.. But it wasn't like spotting, it was more then that.. I was at the hospital for it, and they ran a couple tests but didnt find anything wrong, but they didnt take a pregnancy test, cause i would only be a week at that point. I have also had some headaches, dizzyness, lightheadedness, and the cramps are still existant, more worse at times, then others. I have had suuch bad food cravings, and pains in my lower back... ' I feel boloated, sore breasts, everything.

I find my self, ovulating earlier then i should all the time, i always ovulate 3-7 days after my period has ended..

Just today, I felt like i was going to puke, 20 mins after i woke up..

I just wanted to know, if it sounds like I'm pregnant, Monday the 31st, will be one month. And i'm kinda concerned, I've already talked to my dad, and mom.. But they aren't ever there for me anways, so i can't ask them these questions .. so can someone please help?

Could i be pregnant, or is it all in my head?


Hi A,

The timing is there.

You know your body. Your period ended on the 7th. If you ovulate 3-7 days after your period, from January 10-14th, and had sex on the 10th, then it is possible. Even if you ovulated a few days later it would work.

Sperm can live up to about 5 days. The egg lives about 24-48 hours.

Obviously it is early and we can't tell for sure. The timing works but it does not mean it is a guarantee. If you don't get your period in the next 7-10 days then take another HPT. You could test now but it is early and you could have a "false negative."

Is there someone you can talk to? The school nurse? An aunt or someone?

Hang in there.


Thank you for the help. and no, i have noone to talk to.. i have trust issues.