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For the past few months I have been feeling extremely tired, nausea usually after eating and extremely nausea after eating sweets, along with headaches. About three weeks ago I started getting these tingly sensations in my toes, I have never had that before. I also have been thirsty more and urinating more. My mom has diabetes so I am concerned that maybe I could be developing it too. I have have blood test done like six months ago and my sugar levels were normal so I don't know if I should be worried. Thank you.


Well, I hate to be the harbringer of bad news, but your symptoms could mean that you have diabetes. Six months is a long time to base your current medical condition on, so I would suggest you immediately go see your doctor and get your blood tested. If you begin exercising now and lose any excess weight through this method, you will stave off diabetes forever. But definitely go see a doctor. I also reccomend the site ****** for more information on natural ways to prevent and treat diabetes. Best of luck to you.

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