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Hi all.... I am kinda worried about my eyes and driving.  I developed diabetic retinopathy about a year ago.  I take eye drops for my glaucoma, the pressure in my eyes every night.  I do a lot of driving here and there and I notice that I sometimes get blurry vision for a short few seconds and then it goes away.  Does anyone else get this or has this happen?  I don't want an eye condition get in the way of my driving.  It seems like anything diabetes-related causes problems for me.  I find that the neuropathy in my legs is getting a bit worse too.  The doctor put me on a medication to help this so I hope it does anyway.  I want to be able to keep driving because I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a way to get anywhere.  I really don't have anyone to rely on.  Does anyone have a suggestion or advice for me?  Thanks!


Hello, I see that you are concerned about your vision with having diabetic retinopathy.  This commonly occurs in diabetic patients, especially the longer they have diabetes.  The problem is the retinal changes with the small blood vessels in the eyes.  High blood sugar results in the thickening of these vessels and makes them more permeable.  The tiny blood vessels sustain damage from the excess glucose in the bloodstream.  The glucose over accumulates over time and in early stages can be reversable.  Trouble begins when people begin to have macular edema, where the blood vessels that become permeable leak fluid into the macula, the part of the eye (retina) that lets us differentiate details of what we visualize.  The fluid makes it swell and blurs the vision, resulting in vision impairments. 

As long as you are taking your eye drops at night and remain compliant with your diet and exercise, maintaining well-controlled blood sugars, you will stave off any complications with your eyes.  You will be fine driving. 

Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share about their diabetes-related eye conditions?