After having my daughter I've experienced random symptoms which have progressed into very painful symptoms. I am undiagnosed and any ideas or recommended tests or doctors in southern CA are greatly appreciated! Symptoms: Persistent herpes outbreak on lips (on antiviral on and off 8 months) Burning lips throat Force feeling pushing down on me all over body Severe headaches Photosensitivity with rashes all over but not every time after going in the sun. Biopsy showed chronic inflammation with RARE eosinophils on neck Pressure in head with chronic neck pain Teeth even hurt Bones burn or feel hot Numbness in back of skull and ears and parts of body Burning cigarette stinging sensations Nerve pain - stab, electric, tingly, shooting Right bundle branch block Severe hair loss Hemiagoma in liver found when mildly elevated level of albunim tested Blurry vision Burning lungs and burning nerve sensations throughout body that feels like a lighter is taken to my nerves Dry mouth and nose and ears and skin - 1 mm in tears Mild protein in urine Low potassium Decreasing IGA levels and deficiency Tested for and negative for: Lupus SLE panel Lip biopsy for Sjogren EGD for celiac and whipples disease Lyme Blood urine and stool culture CSF normal but had severe reactions thereafter with intense pressure in head and had to lay down for days afterwards MRI of brain but going to request of spine soon Diabetes PCR of serum Parovirus B19, EBV, CMV current infections negative CRP and sed rate normal Function of kidneys and liver normal X-ray of lungs Ct of head and upper neck for enlarged nodes normal CBC with differential Growing up I was constantly on antibiotics and sick with bacterial and viral infections. When I was 21 on hot day at water park subsequently got huge staph infection all over face and had more difficulty fighting infections since. Husband tested house for mold with home depot kit and was normal and do not have any signs of mold in our home. Had to take prednisone bc I was overreacting to all foods and couldn't eat anything (ie metal taste in mouth after eating almonds, vomiting and nausea and pain after eating). Doctors have tested and it keeps coming back normal. Doctors first think lupus with all my symptoms but sed, crp, and antibodies are Lalways negative. Please advise.