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This happened awhile ago...and its really been upsetting me because i'm realizing that i really think i miscarried.... heres why i think so

I'm on BC but missed a couple pills between may and june 09...i had been on BC for a year and ALWAYS got a period during the 4th week whether or not i missed a pill that cycle. it was like clock work regardless if i miss a pill. but i wasnt sexually active those months until March 09.

I missed my period in may and june...and had many signs of pregnancy i was just too scared to take a test. I work in a day care and every person i talked to was certain i was most likely pregnant. half way through july...2 weeks after my missed period, and 2 weeks before i next period was supposed to come...I had EXTREME cramps where i was bent over almost passing out at work all throughout the day from time to time. I bleed on and off randomly and hurt reallyyy bad. a big chunk of who knows what came out when i went to the bathroom...and i felt really weak. I continued to have cramps not AS bad and bleed quite heavely for the next two coworkers told me to go to the hospital but once again i was scared.

now many months later im freaking out cuz i'm realizing it really was possibly a miscarriage...that would break my heart.

any advice on if you think it was or not??



I went through the same thing. Having a miscarriage is the worst thing in the world. I felt a pain that I had never felt before when I had a miscarriage and a clot came out and I went to the doctor and the doctor confirmed it. I am so sorry!